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Turning 65

If you’re already receiving Social Security you’ll be automatically be enrolled into Medicare Part A & B. Your card will arrive a few months before your birthday. If you’re delaying Social Security you’ll need to apply for Medicare Part A & B -  but don’t worry, we’ll help you complete enrollment. Once you’ve received your Medicare card the choices begin - Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans. We’ll provide you all the information you need to pick the plan that will best fit your needs. We firmly believe in providing you all the details, so you can feel comfortable with the coverage you choose.  Let us show you why working with a local agent makes all the difference when it comes to personal attention.


Still Employed with insurance?

Working past 65? You have choices! You can keep your employer group health insurance and delay enrolling into Medicare. Or you can enroll in Medicare and come off your group coverage. Let us help you compare your group coverage to Medicare.


Medigap policies & medicare supplements

 Original Medicare has deductibles for Part A & B as well as 20% co-insurance. There are many Medicare Supplements, also called Medigap policies, that help with these costs. As a private brokerage we represent many insurance companies so you have choices. Medigap policies are standardized, the difference will come down to cost, company stability and preference. With so many years of experience, we can help.


prescription drug plans

When it comes to prescription drug coverage, it is required by Medicare, and yet when it comes to prescription coverage, everyone has different drug needs. We’ll take time to research all your current medications to help you determine which company will cover your medications at the lowest price.


Planning for retirement

As you look to the future, let us help you plan for Medicare. If you’re going to turn 65 soon, are enrolled in Medicare due to disability, or starting to think about retirement, we can help you estimate future costs. Come sit down with one of our agents, you’ll feel informed and prepared for what lies ahead.

Medicare advantage plans

Part C combines Medicare Parts A, B and usually D into one policy. These plans are offered and administered by insurance companies. Some companies add additional benefits like dental coverage, gym memberships and vision benefits. These plans are very popular, let us show you what all the fuss is about.


Guide to Medicare Part A and Part B

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Understanding Medicare Advantage Plan

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Medicare Part D and Prescription Drugs

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The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is October 15th to December 7th each fall. Beginning October 1st, you are able to preview plans and start determining at what plan might be best for you starting January 1st. This is a crucial time of year, we want to visit with you! We’ll ask questions like, how happy are you with your current coverage? What could be improved? If you’re taking prescription medication, we will research your specific medications to help us determine which company will give you the best price. Enrollment in Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans can be made during this limited time each year. Maybe you’re thrilled with your current plan but remember plans can change from year to year, benefits increase or decrease in cost, co-pays can change and deductibles too. Please call and come in so we can make sure you’re amply prepared for the year to come.
If you are new to our office, now is the time to come in! Give us a call and let us wow you with our product knowledge, customer service and personalized care. Working with a local agent makes all the difference. Not only will we give you personalized attention in plan selection, we are here for you through out the year. If you have benefit questions, need help finding a provider, need to order a new ID card or have a claim questions we’re here to help. No automated phone trees! You’ll get a real person, real fast. Give us a try.





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